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Note: Most of this stuff has now found its way
into my thesis with more updates there


Buffalo Talk Notes

I took some of the images from The Sims 2 section of my Buffalo talk and put it into a short video clip. I don't think I'm going to have time to do all the alternate reality gaming/geography stuff -- sorry! -- maybe it will make its way into my thesis.






Links to talks I gave in Los Angeles and Sweden.


Popular Education

A brainstorming space I made for myself to start organizing thoughts for my thesis/a possible book chapter I might write for the microlearning series looking at popular culture and ways we can take advantage of its modular design for constructing learning opportunuties.



You're not studying, you're just ...

A paper I wrote thinking about our conceptions of 'education' and 'entertainment' and why the two don't need to be exclusive. Talks about how new entertainment technologies could be used to tackle a lot of the most challenging problems of second language acquisition (basically everything from the 3 sections below this, sythesized into a boring academic paper. Audio version availible).



The SIMS -- Bilingual Edition

A neat concept I was playing around with before the Grim Fandango and Augmented Reality projects. There's a quick writeup here, a detailed writeup in the paper above, a video and usable files.



A really cool way of integrating Language learning into the web-browser. If you're interested, ask me about it, wait for the video explaination or see the academic writeup about it.






German Songs

I noticed foreign songs tend to be extremely popular in the classroom, so I started playing around with digitally embedding English translations of German songs into the songs. For now they're just kinda really neat to look at, but I'm currently looking into how to delay the timings of different frequencies to each ear so that if someone was listening with headphones it would sound like the music is playing ambiently and they have a friend standing a couple feet away translating it to them.

Music Videos:

Nena -- Neun und Neunzig Luftbalons (near right) -- .mpg

Music Only:

Xavier Naidoo -- Führ mich ans licht (far right) -- .mp3
Xavier Naidoo -- Führ mich ans licht (near left) -- .mp3

Note: please use headphones for spatialization.



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