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DNA online

I officially have the least privacy of anyone in the world. Not only does everyone on Mass ave. watch me sleep and laugh at me when I hit myself with poi, but I now have my DNA sequence online (ok, just the sequence related to paternal ancestry).

In other news-of-total-randomness, David put roller fencing videos on his site.




My new niece, Ella. Also known as Popeye.


Shouldn't There Be Photos in This Section?

So, originally "Photos" seemed like a logical section to make for a personal website. Unfortunately, it seems Yulia is the only one of my friends who ever brings a camera with her and all my stuff's in California, so, this is all I really have accessible right now. Umm... look at Ella!


Return to China

Last time I went to China was quite a learning experience, and there were a lot of things I wish I could have done differently. Then I got an email with a great sounding job offer, so I grabbed a friend and off we went! (Main photos are still being developed, a couple from my camera here though)




My Trip to China

This was going to be a super hi-tech photo animation of me invading China, developed from all the pictures I took while teaching English there. I ended up having to work on stuff for classes though, so only the intro ever got animated and the progress bar for loading it, so you think it's frozen and not loading when in-fact it's downloading the background music (make sure you have your speakers turned on)

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