The Mozilla Platform

A Replacement throbber for the Mozilla web-browser. This was tested with Mozilla 1.7 and is likely to work with Netscape 6+ on Mac, PC and Linux platforms. A Firefox version is also availible.




Internet Explorer

A free toolbar for Internet Explorer to display virtual flashcards while loading webpages. Windows only.



Teacher Tools

Tools for teachers or textbook publishers to central manage vocabulary words to be delivered electronically to student's browsers. [currently unavailable]

Update: I wasn't expecting to get slashdotted, so things are a little rough. Currently, I'm in a slow and overpriced internet cafe in Isreal, so I can't provide all the extra .csv files everyone has been requesting. If you make any, please post them on langwidge.mozdev.org . Someone told me their making a Japanese one at http://jpbarto.freeshell.org/japanese.csv , I'll update German and such in a couple weeks when I get home.


Example of Mozilla Usage:

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