You're not studying, you're just ...

A paper I originally wrote in undergrad that kinda kickstarted everything for me, realizing how many people out there were looking for better ways of learning foreign languages. I started getting emails from around the world after it got featured on the front page of the BBC & /. and then syndicated in newspapers around the world, some of which were really touching. ( Audio version availible . Extra files .).(Note: it's pretty outdated nowdays)



Links to talks I gave in Los Angeles and Sweden. (2005, pretty dated content nowdays, here just for archives)


College Entrance Essays -- First Drafts

My original first attempts at brainstorming my undergrad college entrance personal statements.



Confusion A/V Presentation

An old audio/video presentation I made to introduce one of the dances in our Youth Dance Workshop.

(From pre-2000, back when having to do this stuff without youtube tools actually took work)


Workshop Dances

A couple dances from my highschool workshop group I found still sitting on this server:

Children of the Future (Rascism)
Spousal Abuse
Dance of Betrayal (Drug abuse)