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NML Whitepaper

A whitepaper I helped write for the Mac Arthur foundation outlining what the process of raising kids in the 21st century will be like and how our education system needs to expand it's notion of 'literacy' to account for all the new ways of communicating in society today.




Movies that Matter Directory

I added a quick directory to Langwidge Nexus to help others trying to coordinate Movies that Matter nights find and share appropriate movies and materials.



College Entrance Essays -- First Drafts

My original first attempts at brainstorming my undergrad college entrance personal statements.



Words of Wisdom

Highly insightful words of wisdom and other amusements collected around the web.



Bahá'í Stuff

There's tons of Bahá'í stuff such as the MIT Club page and BahaiSupply on Langwidge, but probably most of the people who would be interested in it know me anyway so I'm not going to bother indexing it all.


Confusion A/V Presentation

An old audio/video presentation (3 min's) I made to introduce one of the dances in our Youth Dance Workshop.
(From 2000, no judging by today's digital video standards =)




Workshop Dances

A couple workshop dances I had uploaded to this server:

Children of the Future (Rascism)
Spousal Abuse
Dance of Betrayal (Drug abuse)



UCLA Transcript

Transcript of my UCLA classes and grades.




A condensed version of my resume.


Comments: ravi(at)mit(dot)edu