New Employee Training
-Intro <--- Start here!
--Hands Free Phone
--Slightly Smelly Mattress
--Used Tombstone Head

Quick activities to get the absolute beginner immersed into Esperanto, and started with correct pronunciations.

Practice Dialogs
--Lonely Customer
--Sore Customer
--Undead Customer
--Embarrased Customer

Activities to practice usage of Esperanto. Focuses on learning the correlatives of Chapter 5 in the online course.


  Upcoming Tests

Online Course Lesson 1 Words
Online Course Lesson 2 Words
Individual Words

Animated mnemonics to help make learning new vocabulary more entertaining and longer lasting.

(Update: I now think this is and the section below are really dumb way to learn languages -- please try the section above if you haven't already.)



Sniffy and Fluffy have an Adventure
availible in: .swf & .wav

Online stories to hear spoken Esperanto.


Archived: This section has not been updated since 2001 and is left here for achive purposes only