Theoretical Practical

Learn Italian With Pinoccio

A mobile app made for some friends based off my process for learning German of deciding what movies I was going to watch for the week, extracting the subtitle data off the DVD in both German & English, loading them on my cellphone and playing little games I made on the train to get familiar with and learn the language. Then, when I got home, be able to watch and understand the movie through KMP in full German, even though at the time my German was nowhere near good enough to understand a movie normally.




Lickety Split

An app I made with my sister to help little kids better understand requests and abstract concepts of time.




Finger Salsa

Simple rhythm game I made while running the MIT Salsa Club to help students better hear and be able to move to a salsa beat.



A collection of little games built upon Google Maps I made to test out a prototype menu system I was playing with for addressing the input challenge in foreign language learning video games. Note: Since it was just a test prototype much of it is incomplete. Click the coffee cup in the lower right of the starting place or the man in the lower left to try out some examples.



A game I wrote with some friends as part of the Android Developer Challenge II. Unfortunately we didn't really have enough time between when we got the challenge announcement and the submission deadline to really make a polished game, but we still made it into the finalists! =)


Lure of the Labyrinth

Not really a random tinkering like most things here, this one is actually a full and complete game I worked on for getting middle school youth to engage with mathematical concepts and logical thinking. Go play it now!


Google Earth Tag

Experimental game I made built ontop of Google Earth


Xenos ISLE

A platform for hosting online language learning games I'm helping LGN with.



A rapid conceptual prototype I made for LGN for a game to teach mandarin tone differentiation. Conceptually, it explores using the roles system from Savage as the basis for a communicative jigsaw activity on steroids.


Ball Game

A simple game a chemistry professor hired me to make to help his students understand the ideal gas law.