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What Students Learn: -Imperative Mood -Giving/Understanding Directions -City Vocabulary

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leafPolice/Police Dispatcher/Thief
leafDelivery Job Advanced (multiplayer)

One person in a 2D map view, one person in a 3D view. Two need to communicate with each other via puzzle interface to complete task successfully

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once kids have been playing long enough to accumulate the necessary capital, skill attributes and level, they can start their own restaurant, and potentially make a lot of money. Here they have to hire other players for the roles below (depending how well the other players do, they profit -- so there's incentive for them to make sure the other players are doing their jobs well). They also need to order ingredients for their restaurant, using any available analyzable store data to help them coordinate ingredient supply versus food spoilage. You start out running a little fast food place, eventually you can run nice restaurants or whatever.

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Insert totally shameless product placement here

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based on the weather report, you need to put on the most appropriate clothes for your pet. Mismatching clothing type with weather temperature will decrease the comfort level.

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I don't know that I personally find these particularly fun, but, for basically zero programming effort it doesn't hurt to throw these in for those people who do. Basically, in order to get money in our game, they can go through other sites that are in English, play their games or whatever, and answer some question on our site they would only know by having navigated through nickelodeon or somewhere's website. Probably you would buy the treasure map in a store, it would point you to a website, you get the result, you make money.

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Something extending any strategy game template we might be able to find

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leafHaunted Forest/Black_Energy/Dark force
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leafMedows/Green_Energy/Nature force
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Like temporary states, but you don't hit 100% and you get a higher ceeling as you play more, but never 100%

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You start at 100%, you need to work to keep these up

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*Is it ok for your pet to send you emails? *Would you like a browser plugin to let you know about your pet?